My soiree into app-less life..

Come home, cook dinner, wash up (because I am a grown up like that), sit on sofa, scroll, forget wife, mindlessly pat woofs, brush teeth (and floss), get in bed, forget wife, scroll, can’t sleep because white light, restless night, wake up exhausted, scroll….

Anyone else’s night go like this?? Maybe just me… either way, when I’m working, I miss everything about home and the special souls that live there with me. So, why, when I get home do I tune out and forget about how much I miss them?

Because I am app addicted. Or at least I was. Maybe still am, in recovery?? I don’t know what to call it. I made a decision to set myself a challenge. I deleted every app from my iPhone that I didn’t consider absolutely necessary. Below is a list of what I kept, and what I vetoed.

Goodbye – 

Facebook, The Gram, Snap Chat, Twitter, candy crush (:O), photo editing apps x 4 (who needs that many!!), all my health apps, yoga app, WorkPlace, WorkPlace Chat.

Still trucking –

Banking apps, iBooks, Shazam, SoundCloud, Messenger (kept to stay in touch with my out of phone reception BFF), Meditation app and a journaling app I added just for the purpose of this experiment.

I was very strict about what I deleted, knowing I could access yoga sessions through Safari and using my work PC to view any relevant updates on Workplace. The idea here was to see what I could live without, and how it made me feel. I set myself a time limit of 7 days (anyone can do anything for 7 days right?), and I kept a journal daily. I also allowed myself to use my PC to access anything I wanted for 1 hr a day (my lunch break).

Below is what went down…

8th November 2017

Today is the first day of my 7 day app-less challenge. I’ve deleted Facebook, Insta, Snapchat (why do we even have that), Twitter and my WorkPlace App (essentially Facebook but for the office, because everyone doesn’t already have Facebook for out of office life). I also deleted anything else that could be used as a pacifier and doesn’t bring me immense joy.

I’m sure you’re asking WHYYYYYY???

Just to see can I survive? Does the world end? What did people do in bed at night before phones? Will my wife get to see into my eyes at night instead of seeing my Facebook reflecting in them?

It’s only been 2 hours, and I’m already lost… watch this space.

9th November 2017

I’ve been awake 9 minutes and can’t check Facebook.. did anything big happen overnight?? Is everyone I know alive still?? Do these irrational thoughts stop in a few days?

11:55am – I’ve only gone into my phone 200 times.. the twitch is real

10 November 2017

Day 3.. I’m already starting to feel better about things. I don’t actually miss what’s on social media, it’s purely about the habit of mindless scrolling. But I’ve found I use my time so much better, reading and actually having engaging conversation with Carly. Bloody great news if you ask me.

11 November 2017

I find it easier every day. I feel like the only app I truly miss is Instagram. I miss sharing photos I love, and seeing photos and videos that make my smile. The fact that it doesn’t work well on a PC is probably a contributing factor. At this stage, I feel like it’s the only app I would want to bring back.

12 November 2017

No entry

13 November 2017

Today, I was that okay with my zero apps, that I have nothing much to say about it.

14 November 2017

I’m on the home stretch. Whilst I have been inconvenienced a few times by not having what I need, mostly I’ve just been infinitely more productive, and certainly more engaged. Especially when it matters, with the people I love.

So, after 7 sometimes annoying days, what have I reinstalled??


That is it, and I can’t tell you how much better I feel for the detox. If you’re feeling your phone burning a literal hole in your hand and relationships, give it a go. I would love to know how it made you feel, or if you feel anything changed at all.




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